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Welcome To IAC Air Compression

Welcome to IAC's web site.   IAC is the region’s leading provider of equipment, service, piping, and energy management systems for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.   Founded in 1991, IAC has distinguished itself by approaching compressed air as one of the industry’s most critical resources, and provides a wide variety of options to help you save money on energy and run more efficiently.  Interested in doing business, or just have a question about something in your plant?   Contact us or give us a call at 1-877-IACSERV.  

Ambient Air's Effect On Compressed Air System Performance

Most stationary industrial air compressors and dryers are located indoors — inside a factory in a “compressor room.” It’s also common to see them along a wall or tucked into a corner of the factory floor where production is taking place. Proper ventilation and ducting of the “compressor room” is required to maintain inlet air temperatures within design specifications. Compressor room ventilation also provides significant heat recovery opportunities when properly managed...read more>

Latest News & Announcements

Sullair Opens Virtual Reality and Hands-On Training Centre

Air Compressor manufacturer Sullair, has opened a new, state-of-the-art training centre in Michigan City.  “We believe this new training facility will help us better support our worldwide distributor network and end users,”...Read More>

Yeti Cooler Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Lonnie Stacy for winning the our current Yeit cooler giveaway.  Look for our next giveaway in our upcoming newsletter!

Global Turbo Show In Houston, TX

IAC recently participated in the Global Turbo Show in Houston, TX. IAC represents the Sullair line of centrifugal air and gas compressors. Centrifugal compressors are used in applications requiring either a large volume of compressed air or compressed air which has not been contaminated with compressor lubricants.  IAC specializes in performing compressed air system audits used to prescribe the most cost effective solution to the long term operation of your facility.

Read more on the IAC Blog >

Latest Webinar Videos

ICP IMAT Zero Loss Condensate Drains

Infinity Piping

Informative video on Infinity Piping Systems

Sullair S-energy Features & Benefits
This video highlights the features and benefits of the Sullair S-energy series compressors highlighting the ease of maintenance.

AIRLEADER Compressor Management
Master Control & Monitoring for Compressor Stations