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Cabinet Cooling

Picture Of Pfannenberg Filter Fans

Pfannenberg Filterfan®

(NEMA 12 Rating)

Pfannenberg USA offers a complete range of innovative Filterfan® units used to provide cool and filtered ambient air to electronic enclosures. An economical method of cooling, Filterfans® combine a forced air cooling system utilizing outside air with an air filter. The air propelled by a Filterfan® system into the cabinet displaces the warm air which exits through an exhaust filter.

Pfannenberg's unique Filterfan® features an innovative "Click & Fit" design that eliminates bolts and significantly reduces installation time. 

Filterfans® can be easily installed on most enclosure cabinets without re-engineering of the enclosure, and the slim design allows the grill to protrude from the enclosure surface less than one-quarter inch to maintain aesthetics.

Pfannenberg Filterfans® are made from high quality, durable ABS plastic that stands up to shock, vibration and wide temperature ranges found in the industrial environment. The Filterfans® are UL approved and carry an out-of-the-box NEMA 12 rating. Optional Filterfan® models include an EMC and IP55 rated designs

Picture Of Pfannenberg DTS Series Cabinet Coolers


(900 - 24,000 Btu/h)

Utilize closed loop cooling in tough industrial or outdoor applications with Pfannenberg’s ‘service-friendly’ cooling units. Whether in washdown locations or control rooms, the DTS Series’ key internal electronics are positioned away from potentially moist and/or caustic air in tough industrial applications. The wide condenser fin spacing allows for filterless and maintenance-free operation. The stainless steel units have an epoxy coating on all exposed copper tubing to compliment the electrostatically-coated condensers. The fans are conformal coated, backward curve impellers that have a standard life of 55,000+ hours, providing the longest life and best air flow in their class.

Advantages of the DTS Series Cooling Units:

• Active condensate management utilizes a PTC heater which eliminates the need for drain line.

•NEMA Type 4/4X 304 Stainless Steel with #3 polish to repel contaminants in food grade applications and to provide for easy washdown.

•High Temperature models can operate in ambient temperatures up to 140° F (60° C), ideal near industrial ovens or baking lines.

•Optional cover to protect fan if used in washdown or in high dust/debris areas.

Picture Of Pfannenberg DTI Series Cabinet Coolers


(3000 - 16,000 Btu/h)

Pfannenberg’s DTI 6000 Series allows for European style recessed mounting on enclosure doors and/or side panels on modular
systems. These “click & fit” units reduce installation times by more than 90%.

εCOOL is the most efficient solution

Raising productivity, reducing CO2 emissions and cutting costs – Pfannenberg is aware of the challenges companies are facing today. We offer a solution: εCOOL technology. Developed with the aim of maximum cost efficiency coupled with maximum performance, εCOOL technology represents a new standard for cost and energy savings in the thermal management of electrical enclosures. The result: it enables annual savings of over 35 % in energy costs alone.

Produced out of rugged sheet metal, Pfannenberg’s cooling units are extremely resilient and long-lasting in test industrial operating conditions. Depending on requirements, they are available for traditional mounting on the door or side, for partially recessed door or side mounting and the space-saving top-mounted position. Colors can easily be integrated as well because the covers can be painted or powder coated to suit the particular industrial design.

The εCOOL series also set records in terms of ease of assembly and maintenance – which leads to more cost benefits.

Picture Of Pfannenberg DTT Series Cabinet Coolers


(1200 - 14,000 Btu/h)

Pfannenberg’s DTT Series top mounted cooling units are 100% condensate safe. These units are ideal for space-saving installation on the top of the control cabinet.

One of the main features of the DTT’s innovative condensate management design is the repositioning of the cooling circuits. Moving the cold area up prevents condensation from forming in the cabinet where the cooling unit meets the enclosure. A widened airflow in the evaporator stops the formation of condensate buildup.

Finally return air channels are engineered to increase the speed of the air leaving the cooling unit, ensuring cool air is effectively distributed moisture-free within the enclosure.