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About IAC

IAC Air Compression is the region's leading provider of industrial compressed air equipment, maintenance services, and energy management systems. IAC has distinguished itself by approaching compressed air as one of the industry's most critical resources and as a significant cost component which the competitive industrial plant must control.

IAC was founded in 1991 by individuals who combined strong backgrounds in the air compressor industry with substantial engineering insight and extensive experience in industrial business operation and strategic planning.

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IAC's founders recognized the need to provide air compressors and air-related equipment to the industrial user with strong support in engineering and service as well as a concentrated effort on building long-term relationships. They shared a common vision grounded in the belief that the higher technology of energy efficiency and system control could be applied cost effectively to the usage of compressed air. By providing full service engineering, professional technical sales, and around-the-clock service, their desire was to be more than just another distributor and to set themselves apart from others in the industry by being the very best at providing sound solutions.

IAC's philosophy is simple: Approach the client's air usage comprehensively and achieve the necessary air requirements at the lowest possible long-term cost. Fulfilling this philosophy may include supplying the client a new air compressor; consequently, IAC has associated itself with the premier manufacturers of low-maintenance, high-efficiency compressed air equipment, such as Hitachi and Sullair Corporation.

IAC possesses the ability to see the picture as a whole and to approach air usage not just as pipes, nozzles and other components, but as a "system". By bringing a systems approach to bear on compressed air usage, IAC is able to choose from a broad repertoire of solution elements, including hardware, software, and engineering analysis. The result is not to force the client's air-related problems to fit an individual product, but to craft an engineered solution to fit the client's unique requirements.

IAC's comprehensive approach to industrial compressed air includes the recognition that a good system design is the beginning, not the end, of providing full service to the client. IAC couples front-end design and equipment application knowledge with complete, 24-hour field service. In addition, sophisticated predictive maintenance techniques are applied to address problems before they arise, not after.

IAC has assembled a team of professionals who are unparalleled in the industry, presently offering combined experience in the areas of operations, engineering, service and sales exceeding 200 years in the industrial environment. IAC has provided air system engineering and energy management services throughout the southeast and is expanding its energy management group for national coverage. To better serve its regional clients, IAC has facilities in Lexington, KY, Evansville, IN, Cincinnati, OH, Dayton, OH, Indianapolis, IN and Columbus, OH; with the corporate office in Jeffersonville, IN just outside of Louisville, KY. In addition, expansion is planned in neighboring territories in the near future.