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Compressed Air Dryer Parts

Parts for All Major Brands

IAC has over 20 years history supplying and sourcing all products for our customers dryer and filtration requirements. IAC can locate your OEM sources and, in some cases, we can offer a cost saving replacement option. Our replacement options are backed with a performance guarantee to meet or exceed the OEM model. IAC covers most major dryer and filter brands, including, but not limited to:
• Airtek
• Atlas Copco
• Balston
• Domnick Hunter
• Finite
• Gardner Denver
• Hankison
• Sullair
• Zander
• Over 40 other brands available

Picture Of Air Compressor Air Filters
Replacement Valves

Replacement Valves

• Butterfly Valves (Air & Electric Actuated)
• Aquamatic Valves (All Aquamatic Models Available)
• Check Valves (Lift, Swing, Wafer Body)
• Angle Body Valves (ASCO, Burkert – All Models Available)
• Solenoid Valves (2-way, 3-way, Direct Acting, Pilot Operated – ASCO Brand – All Models Available)
• Ball Valves (Air & Electric Actuated, 2-way & 3-way Models Available)

Repair Kits

Repair Kits

• Valve Seal Kits
• Valve Hardware Kits
• Aquamatic Valve Kits (Kits for All Models Available)
• Check Valve Kits (Discs and Springs)
• Muffler Inserts

Electric Motor Parts

Electrical Parts

• Purge Heaters
• Regenerative Blowers
• Thermocouples
• Pressure Transducers
• Dew Point Sensors
• Air Dryer Controller Retrofits (Allen Bradley PLC)

Refrigerated Dryer Parts

Refrigerated Dryer Parts

• Refrigerant Compressors
• Condenser Fan Motors & Fan Blades
• Thermocouples
• Pressure Switches
• Expansion Valves
• Solenoid Valves

Miscellaneous Dryer Parts

Miscellaneous Dryer Replacement Parts

• Refrigerant Compressors
• U.S. Manufactured Desiccant (Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieve, Silica Gel)
• Exhaust Mufflers
• Blower Intake Filters/Elements