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Hitachi SRL Oil Less Scroll Series 

Hitachi industrial SRL oil less scroll air compressors are the result of innovative Hitachi technology that aims at providing oil-free and contaminant-free compressed air. Hitachi designs the SRL oil free scroll air compressors with focus on quality and performance, improving the efficiency of the most demanding industrial applications.

Hitachi Rotary Scroll Air Compressor

SRL-Series Multiplex Oil Free Scroll Air Compressors

Recently, Hitachi added the SRL multiplex oil less scroll air compressor to its portfolio of industrial air compressors to increase its performance to 16.5 kW. The new Hitachi multiplex oil less SRL compressor offers two modes of the operation; the standard pressure control (P-Mode) and the new energy-savings Multi-Drive Mode. The Multi-Drive Mode optimizes the operation of SRL heads automatically by matching air supply to production demand. Moreover, it is possible to easily switch between Multi-Drive control and Pressure Switch control via switch button.