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Lontra Blade Compressors

Lontra LP2 Blower

This is a new blower technology that is quiet, smooth, with proven reliability and cost savings. 

- Flow rate from 350cfm to 1550cfm
- Pressure Range from 4psi to 15psi
- State of the art controller with remotemonitoring capabilities
- Best in Class Warranty
- Sound attenuating enclosure with nogrilles and unique air flow design

Picture of Lontra Blower
Picture of Lontra Blade Compressor

1.  The unique and patented Lontra Rotary Blade air end provides oil free air more efficiently than other blower designs while also providing greater reliability and lower maintenance.

2.  The Lontra WEG motor is mounted directly on to the compressor shaft with no coupling to reduce losses and further increase efficiency at alloperating points. No gears or drive belts and meets proposed ultrapremium standard.

3.  Lontra has designed silencers that, while reducing the noise level, also reduce pressure drop which contributes to additional power savings.

Lontra Blade Compressor Overview

The Blade Compressor® hasa number of features whichare of great interest to theair compression market where it has proven itself since 2012. Theseinclude a novel, oil-freecompressor geometry and exclusive patented air end. 

The complete package alsofeatures the Lontra WEG ultra-premium motor,Yaskawa VSD inverter whichare all secured within theunique, sound attenuatingenclosure designed jointlywith Universal Wolf.

Reliability is a fundamentalvalue of Lontra’s airends. TheLP2 airend is by design a veryrobust unit, with uniquetolerance to extreme dutyand difficult conditions. Innormal use this will be seenas maintaining high efficiencyfor many years, and, while weadvise against abuse, in

unforeseen conditions whereother designs may suffermajor damage, the LP2 airend is expected to continuesupporting your process.

This is expected to be of greatinterest to many industries, as energyrestrictions, noise andreliability become ever more challenging. The energysavings and maintenancebenefits of the technologyhave already been proven inthe wastewater industry,where Lontra’s blowers work

around the clock to aeratewastewater.