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IAC takes pride in providing the best rotary screw compressor fluids in the industry. All of our fluids are designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of today’s compressors in a multitude of environments.

Don’t be fooled by the numerous low cost look alike fluids available in the market today. While many companies claim they provide a “same as” fluid at a lower cost, it simply isn’t the case. IAC's fluids are highly engineered to provide optimum performance and energy conservation and the “same as” fluids just don’t match up.

Drop Of Lubricant Oil
Quadra-Coolant Lubricant


Unlike other lubricants, both mineral and synthetic, Quadra-Coolant performs outstanding in both cold and hot environments.

Quadra-Coolant is not only varnish free but will also dissolve varnish from other lesser quality lubricants. This will extend the life of your compressor and add reliability. Without the added resistance caused by varnish your compressor will run cooler and save energy.

Quadra-Coolant provides extremely long life, at least 8 to 10 times as long as mineral oils. It has 20% to 50% longer life than other synthetic lubricants. This saves you both in the cost of the lubricant and in disposal costs.

CS_8000 Lubricant


CS-8000 is premium air compressor oil, capable of giving the best available performance in any oil-flooded air compressor of screw or vane type. Based on selected synthetic base fluids CS-8000 provides long oil life and effective lubrication in machines working in extremes of temperature and working conditions.

CS-8000 is designed for use in rotary vane and screw air compressors, oil flooded single and two-stage compressors, in particular those operating with higher output pressures of up to 20 bar and with air discharge temperatures higher than 100 °C (including intermittent operation under these conditions). CS-8000 is suitable for the equipment running under severe conditions. May also be used where exceptionally high ambient temperatures are found, when the oil temperature cannot be reduced to normal levels.

Sullair Sullube Fluid


An extended-life, polyglycol based, synthetic fluid for stationary rotary screw compressors, Sullube has been used in more than 50,000 compressors with more than 150 million annual operating hours with virtually no unscheduled downtime from lubricant failure.

Advanced formulation powered by Dow Technology, Genuine Sullube is the standard factory fill for Sullair stationary air compressors. Proven for more than a quarter-century, this long-lasting fluid costs less per hour over your equipment’s life. It also prevents the formation of varnish – the leading cause of air end failure – and keeps your compressors running exceptionally clean and cool. Sullube delivers the best formula blend and additive package on the market, supported by exceptional quality control and ingredient consistency. Regular use of Sullube will protect and maintain your Sullair factory warranty. 

Since Sullube is compatible with the common elastomers found in compressor seals, hoses and solenoids, compressors from many manufacturers can be converted to Sullube

Sullair SRF II Fluid

Sullair SRF II/8000®

SRF II/8000® is a highly refined standard replacement fluid for stationary air compressors. This long-life hydro-treated petroleum-based fluid helps reduce maintenance, operation and disposal costs.

•Lasts long—up to 8,000 hours or one year
•Lubricates effectively—Excellent anti-wear properties are designed to provide long-lasting lubrication
•Lowers expenses—Long changeout intervals cut maintenance labor and fluid disposal costs

Sullair SRF Fluid

SRF  1/4000®

SRF1/4000® is a highly refined, hydro-treated petroleum base fluid designed for the one year or 4000 hours of operation. It is currently the factory fill for all Sullair rotary screw vacuum systems.

Annual change interval—Designed to operate one year or 4000 hours under normal operating conditions, guaranteed.

Highly refined—As the result of the hydro-treated process, SRF® is very resistant to breakdown and varnish.

Reduced maintenance—Less downtime and labor than standard mineral-based fluids.

High viscosity index—Viscosity stays very stable at low and high temperatures.

Sullair Pristine Food Grade Fluid

PristineFG™ Food Grade

PristineFG™ is Sullair food grade lubricant designed to significantly outperform other food grade fluids in the market. It currently meets incidental contact approval requirements of NSF H1, Halal, Kosher, Pareve, and is registered in Canada.

Maximize compressor life and maintenance costs—With its superior resistance to varnishing, maintenance and downtime cost are significantly reduced.

Longer fluid change out periods—Formulated to operate up to 6000 hours under normal conditions. Used safely in the Food & Beverages industries.

Reduced lubricant consumption—Low volatility means lower carry over for less top off fluid.

Wide range of operating temperatures—Formulated to lubricate well at either high or low temperatures.

Sullair AWF Lubricant


AWF®, which stands for “All Weather Fluid”, is one of the only fluids in the industry formulated specifically for use in portable air compressors.

Longer fluid life—Under normal conditions, AWF® has a change interval of 1500 hours as compared to 300 – 500 for competitive products.

Multiviscosity—As All Weather Fluid indicates, AWF® will operate in extreme cold as well as extreme hot conditions.

Oxidation resistant—Highly resistant to varnishing when operated for long periods of time in hot conditions.

Water separation—With a superior tolerance for water, AWF® allows easy separation during the day to day operation in humid climates.

5 year warranty—The compressor unit will have a 5 year warranty as long as it continues to operate with AWF® and the fluid is changed annually.

Sullair 24KT Lubricant


Sullair 24KT® was the first long life compressor fluid introduced to the market many years ago. It still carries the longest operating life of any fluid available today.

No recommended change interval—Under normal operating conditions, 24KT® never needs to be changed.

Silicone base stock—Does not breakdown like other base stocks.

Contaminated environments—Insoluble to acids so contaminants pass through the system.