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Packaged Compressed Air Systems

IAC Packaged Air Systems

Have you ever asked yourself:  How can I get the best system for my facility and still ensure I receive a high quality engineered product without breaking my budget? IAC’s Pre-Engineered Packaged Air Systems are the answer to your question. All systems are designed for high quality and ease of installation with enough options to be flexible to our customer’s specific needs. Based on your selection and needs, our fabrication team brings the designs into reality with our premium equipment choices and engineered modular piping systems.

Picture Of IAC Packaged Air System Skid


Simplified Installation

Install your system quicker than custom systems. Plug in and use concept.

Modular Benefit

Skid mounted allows the system to be moved easily to other areas or facilities with minimal effort.

Quality Control

Packaging is done in a controlled environment and systems are test run prior to shipment.

Cost Reduction

Systems almost always have a lower acquisition cost than the total cost to design and purchase a custom system of equivalent size.


Ancillary product components are properly sized for the supply.

Footprint Reduction

Packaged systems are a fixed footprint for indoor use and can also be placed outside for plant space saving solutions.


Sound Enclosures

Indoor packages with additional sound dampening panels for placement into general work areas.

Outdoor Installation

Full outdoor, all weather option with total environmental control for freeze, rain and heat protection. Multiple units can be combined as a modular solution for larger system requirements.

Single Point Connections

One connection for power, condensate and compressed air.

Heat Recovery

Recover the heat of compression into building heating or process water heating.

Additional Options

Multiple unit systems, oil-free offering, various drying and filtering levels, remote monitoring, long term contract air stations, nitrogen generation packages, service and warranty agreements, and custom colors to match your facility!