Parker Breathing Air Systems


Hazardous vapours, gases and fumes can be released at various stages within manufacturing applications. Whether the risk is from noxious fumes, particulate or contamination from a compressed air system, effective respiratory protection for the user is essential.

In compressed air fed systems, ambient air is drawn into the compressor, therefore any contaminants present in the ambient air, plus those introduced by the compressor itself, will be present unless removed by a purification system.

The Parker domnick hunter BA-DME range of breathing air purifiers are ideal for point of use multiple personnel protection at medium flow rates.

At the inlet, a general purpose filter removes particles, dirt and aerosols, followed immediately by a high efficiency coalescing filter to reduce oil and water content, an activated carbon filter then removes oil vapour and odours. The fourth stage of purification is an adsorption dryer that reduces the water vapour content of the compressed air (to -40°C pdp) and CO2, levels to below the legal permissible limits. Downstream of the adsorption dryer, a catalyst converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, again, to below the legal limits. A final dust filter captures any particulates carried over from the adsorption materials.

Picture Of Parker Breathing Air Purifier