Compressed Air Piping Installations

“Before IAC helped us fix our air system, our presses would shut down on low pressure often. We found that we did not have enough capacity to run our facility and our piping was not sized adequate enough to handle our current demand, let alone the additional demand we were planning on adding. They were very professional and came up with various options we could choose from that would suit our needs. We chose their recommended solution. Their installation crew was very quick and our production was not affected. We are very happy with our new system.”

Bryan Farmer, Facilities Manager

A Case Study

Problem: Pressure dropped often to the point where it would shut down their printing presses. They were unsure if it was the lack of capacity or something else. They had an old 15 HP CompAir Hydrovane compressor as well as a 30 HP Ingersoll Rand Flooded Screw Compressor. The distribution piping through the entire facility was 1”, but was looped.

Picture of hands holding Infinity Piping

Action Plan: IAC performed a system walkthrough and it was easily determined that the current compressed air system did not have the capacity to run their existing production. There were plans to expand by 3X over the next 3 years, and estimated that current demand levels would increase by an additional 100%. Plant piping would need to be increased to handle their demand both current and future.

Solution: The entire facility was re-piped with 63 and 50mm piping for the header and 25mm piping for the drops to all the equipment. A new 75 HP VSD Sullair compressor, a used 75 HP Sullair compressor (backup), a new 400 SCFM cycling refrigerated dryer with filtration and a storage tank were all purchased. With the VSD running more efficiently than their old system, it runs at approximately 50% load and they have not had a compressed air problem in the plant to date.