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Power Generator Service

Technician Working On Power Generator

Emergency Services

IAC Power Systems can provide Emergency Service on all makes and models of Emergency Standby and Prime Power Systems. Technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are strategically located throughout our service area to provide fast response. We provide technicians who are Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) certified. EGSA is the world's largest organization dedicated to On-Site Power Generation.

Technician Working On Air Compressor

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

IAC Power Systems can provide a preventive maintenance program (PM) tailored to the specific needs of your On-Site Power System. By becoming one of our PM Service agreement customer you are proactively protecting your investment. Our PM programs follow the 105 point checklist recommended by the NFPA. The inspection covers all parts of your system including testing of Lubricating, Air, Fuel, Exhaust, Cooling, Battery and Charging, Generator, Transfer Switch and all Controls and Safeties. An added benefit of our PM agreement is providing Priority Service over non-agreement customers.  Please contact us for a quote and detailed Inspection checklist.

Load Bank Testing Unit

Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing can be provided to test the generator at its full capacity, not just the load provided by the system it is supplying. This will guarantee that the generator will operate at capacity when it is called upon. We recommend a planned load bank test to test the unit’s performance. Testing the generator at full load also eliminates the “wet stacking” that occurs in the generator exhaust system when it is run at low loads during regular testing. Load bank testing will insure that your generator complies with the industry code requirement of NFPA-110.

Fuel Polishing Unit

Fuel Polishing

Fuel degrades over time. If dirty fuel is found during an inspection IAC Power Systems can “polish” the fuel in the tank and return it to acceptable condition. This process removes dirt, corrosion and bacteria and is much more cost effective than replacing the fuel that could be contaminated.

Picture Of Infared Temperature Heating

Infrared Thermography

IAC can test your Generator System as well as your main building electrical components. Infrared Thermography can easily pinpoint loose connections, worn disconnect switches and failing contacts in your electrical system. This service can prevent future more costly repairs or dangerous situations due to failures.