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Picture Of Used Air Compressor Equipment

Used Equipment Specials!

Used Equipment Specials!

IAC is offering reduced pricing on several great pieces of used equipment. All are in great shape and have been regularly serviced by our expert service team in house. 


IAC is currently offering a complimentary energy audit walkthrough inspection of your facility.  This walkthrough will show you valuable infomation and key ways to reduce your energy costs that can add up to very big savings!  Anyone who schedules the complimentary audit will also receive a Yeti Rambler tumbler!  Click the link below to schedule your free energy audit inspection today.

Picture of Yeti Rambler

Past Promotions

Picture Of Cash For Clunkers Campaign

Cash For Clunkers

$50.00 per HP - Compressors | $2.50 per CFM - Dryers *

Advantages to buying new:

• Reduce your energy consumption with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
• Heat recovery option that allows you to heat your plant and pre-heat water
• Tax benefits
• Potential Utility rebates
• Warranty options
• Peace of mind

If you are currently using unreliable compressed air equipment:

• What impact does a properly operating compressed air system have on your profitability?
• Are you willing to risk your reputation?
• Will saving money on energy help increase your bottom line?
• A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor will reduce your energy bill.

Right now is the time to trade in your old compressor or dryer (running or not).

* Trade value based on purchase size, compressor trades only apply to 5 HP - 100 HP air compressor purchases, dryer trades only apply to
5 CFM - 3000 CFM dryer purchases. Limited time offer, promotion ends May 31, 2019.


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