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Picture Of Dryer Tune-Up Campaign

Dryer Tune-Up

There Is Still Time Before Fall Comes To Get Your Dryer Tune-up Special!

Compressed air dryers remove condensate to achieve near perfectly dry compressed air ONLY if they are clean and operating at peak performance.

Benefits Of A Compressed Air Dryer Tune-Up:

• Less System Downtime
• Reduced Costs & Maintenance
• Vastly Improved Finished Product

CFM Price (Excluding parts & freon)

0-250 = $79.00
250-1000 = $139.00
1000+ = $189.00

Detailed Dryer Tune-Up Procedure

• Inspect dryer
• Inspect drains
• Inspect and service all condensate auto drains
• Inspection of all in-line filtration equipment
• General inspection to identify any potential problems
• Clean condenser
• Measure & record all temperature, pressure and trend readings

Take advantage of hundreds in savings with this season special!


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Past Promotions

Picture Of Cash For Clunkers Campaign

Cash For Clunkers

$50.00 per HP - Compressors | $2.50 per CFM - Dryers *

Advantages to buying new:

• Reduce your energy consumption with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
• Heat recovery option that allows you to heat your plant and pre-heat water
• Tax benefits
• Potential Utility rebates
• Warranty options
• Peace of mind

If you are currently using unreliable compressed air equipment:

• What impact does a properly operating compressed air system have on your profitability?
• Are you willing to risk your reputation?
• Will saving money on energy help increase your bottom line?
• A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor will reduce your energy bill.

Right now is the time to trade in your old compressor or dryer (running or not).

* Trade value based on purchase size, compressor trades only apply to 5 HP - 100 HP air compressor purchases, dryer trades only apply to
5 CFM - 3000 CFM dryer purchases. Limited time offer, promotion ends May 31, 2019.


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