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Service Agreements

Improved Efficiency, Performance and Pricing

And Up To 15 Year Air End Warranty

There are many benefits to having a service agreement with IAC for your compressed air equipment. These benefits come to you on many fronts.

Picture Of Service Agreement Matrix

Improved Pricing

Service agreement work is performed at a discount from our standard labor rate.

Flexibility In Type

We have six levels of service coverage to choose from.

Flexibility In Payment

Agreements can be paid for as the work is done, or in flat monthly or annual payments (discounts for up front annual payments).

Resource Utilization 

Let a compressed air equipment specialist maintain your compressed air equipment, so that your plant staff can focus on your production equipment.

Improved Performance

IAC trains our technicians on the systems approach, so that machines are set to work at peak energy saving performance.

Less Downtime

Equipment that is properly maintained is less likely to fail, reducing the chance of costly unscheduled downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Oil analysis, vibration trending and thermal imaging are part of our service agreement offering.


Service Agreements can help you stay within the terms of manufacturer warranties

There is a benefit to Industrial Air Centers

It is that we have a base amount of work that we know is going to happen in the next few months. This allows us to schedule work more efficiently and predict our parts purchases to keep a proper inventory level. Because of this we are able to perform the preventive maintenance work at a lower price to the customer than our unscheduled or emergency service work.

The Mutual Benefit

Over time we have proven that customers that keep their equipment on a Service Agreement with IAC spend less money to operate and maintain their equipment than if they do not maintain a Service agreement with us. They also have significantly less unscheduled downtime; this is where the greatest savings occur.  

Our goal is to have a satisfied customer that continues use IAC for their compressed air needs.