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Sullair Hospital Suction Systems

A Vacuum System You Can Count On
Sullair Hospital Suction Packages (HSP) are specifically designed to provide continuous vacuum for hospital applications. Manufactured from the proven rotary screw vacuum system of Sullair, these pumps meet or exceed the requirements for packaged vacuum pumps per NFPA 99: Health Care Facilities Code, 2015 Edition. Simplex packages have a capacity range from 78 to 1000 acfm (2.2 to 28.3 m3/min); duplex packages are available from 78 to 300 acfm (2.2 to 8.5 m3/min) per pump. HSP systems are warranted for two years. All packages are equipped with base load transfer switches for alternating purposes.

Sullair Hospital Suction system

Cost Effective

Requiring less power than conventional pumps, HSP systems offer low operating costs. The inherent high efficiency of the rotary screw mechanism, combined with 0 to 100% capacity control which matches throughput to demand, provides significant energy savings.

Duplex Hospital Suction Package

VS-10 and VS-12 models are designed for hospital applications (HSP) that meet or exceed NFPA 99, 2015 Edition standards for Health Care Facilities.