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Sullair VS Series  Vacuum Systems

(VS10 / VS12 / VS16 / VS20 / VS25 / VS32 
5 – 200 hp • 3.7 – 145 kW)

Our VS Series vacuum systems use proven rotary screw technology to produce vacuum at unrivaled efficiencies. Because VS vacuum systems are air cooled and require no seal water, there are no water acquisition, water treatment or water disposal costs. As a result, these systems offer lower power costs and up to 50% lower total operating costs than other types of pumps.

Sullair VS16 Vacuum System

The Sullair Vacuum System is a complete, tested packaged system. There are no additional components to purchase. This simplifies installation and reduces start-up time and costs. The vacuum systems incorporate Sullair’s rotary screw technology to provide stable vacuum at unrivaled efficiencies. These units deliver smooth, pulse-free operation and offer long-term reliability. Compared to other types of vacuum pumps, Sullair demonstrates a 50% operating cost advantage. There are 16 vacuum system models from 3.7 to 145 kW, 5 to 200 horsepower as well as simplex and duplex hospital suction packages.