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Airleader Compressed Air Sequencers

Airleader Sequencers

•Improve energy efficiency
•Steady and tight pressure band
•Increase system reliability and productivity •Provide system feedback
•Reduce maintenance costs and system wear •Lower carbon footprint

Picture Of Airleader Master Control Panel

Intelligent “Self-Learning” Control
Designed to continuously balance demand and supply, enabling the most efficient compressor combination to work at all times.

System Feedback
 Unlike traditional control systems, efficiency parameters are monitored and recorded, providing a thorough evaluation of system performance.

Effective Reporting
Display of true compressed air costs; loaded vs. unloaded costs, idling costs and totalized consumption on daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Worldwide Access
Complete real-time and historical data is available anytime, anywhere via the internet using a graphic display format or through a tabular report.

Fault And Maintenance Notification Function
System automatically issues fault alarms and service reminders.

Parameters such as dew point, pressure and flow are easily monitored and recorded with standard analog instrumentation.