Compressed Air As A Utility

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You don’t generate your own power, water or natural gas, so why make your own compressed air? Compressed Air Supply, from Industrial Air Centers, offers the comprehensive outsourcing solution for compressed air.

With IAC’s Compressed Air Supply, your compressed air system becomes the plant’s fourth utility. When you need air, it’s there. CAS is ideal for companies who prefer to focus on their core business and would rather save their capital dollars for production equipment.

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With CAS You Can:

• Eliminate the capital costs associated with new equipment

• Reduce energy costs with properly sized and controlled system components

• Have fewer demands on plant maintenance resources

• Achieve less downtime

• Have predictable compressed air system costs

• Have flexible agreements with fair market value purchase option


•When you lease capital equipment, it costs you just the first lease payment and some fees to get the equipment you need for your business.

•If you buy capital assets outright, you tie up your company’s cash reserves in the asset.

•CAS provides a capital-raising alternative because IAC (versus your company) puts its money into depreciating assets, while your cash flow can be used for other areas and activities generating a stronger return on investment.

•Lease payments on business equipment can usually be used as a deductible business expense. The tax savings from claiming the leases on your business taxes can more than offset the finance costs associated with a lease.


•CAS may provide the best strategic option to deliver maximum benefits in expanding your operations, increasing productivity or replacing aging equipment. It is the use of the equipment, not its ownership, which makes you money.

•CAS can control infrastructure costs, leverage working capital, preserve cash flow and effectively manage equipment obsolescence. CAS allows you to obtain equipment at a fixed rate for a fixed period of time without having to purchase it outright and avoid many of the uncertainties associated with ownership.

•CAS allows you to focus on your business versus the equipment.